CEVT as employer and how we hire

Interested in getting a job at CEVT? To make the process smoother and transparent, we’d like to share some more useful information. Get our best tips for the hiring process, find out what benefits we offer and learn more about what everyday life at CEVT and in Gothenburg is like.

Growth & development

We are passionate about development – both in the business and in our people! We encourage our employees to develop their skill set and grow their career. At CEVT, you will have opportunities to grow, improve and learn while working with the brightest and the best in the industry. Develop your abilities with our learning activities or take advantage of our internal career mobility programs. Be prepared to learn and teach every day. Everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a student.

  • A broad range of various trainings, from cross-cultural awareness and leadership abilities to software tools and technical processes.
  • The CEVT Discovery program focuses on personal growth and development through self-managed learning.
  • Mindfulness programs are offered regularly, which we hope will help our employees to gain a better work/life balance.

Living Life

We love our job and we hope you will to, but we still believe everyone needs to balance work with other things in life. On top of the standard package, we are a flexible organization. At CEVT you control your own time and, within certain limits, you can move your hours of work to suit you the best. You will have the opportunity to do some of your work from home if that suits you and your work assignments.

  • Even as a new member to our team you will be able to take paid holiday during your first year.
  • Compensation for parental leave is paid out through the Swedish National Insurance Office.
  • Paid leave for big life events, such as your wedding, moving day and your 50th birthday.
  • We believe in promoting an active lifestyle and you will be given a wellness allowance each year to put towards activities of your choice.


All our employees are covered by beneficial Swedish labour laws and Collective Agreements which grant you perks such as a long vacation and paid parental leave. You will also enjoy a number of benefits as a CEVT employee such as beneficial car agreements and the company bonus which all employees partake in.

  • Beneficial leasing car setups and discounts when purchasing your own car.
  • Salary in accordance with collective agreements.
  • In addition to your salary, you are eligible for a CEVT bonus program.
  • As an employee you are entitled to a comprehensive occupational pension scheme.
  • 30 days of paid vacation and additional 8 days paid ATK-days annually for full time employees.

How we hire

We are always looking for outstanding people who can bring new perspectives and experiences to our teams. If you are looking for a place which values curiosity, taking initiatives and challenging old mindsets and if you want colleagues who are big thinkers and eager to find new solutions as a team, CEVT could be the right place for you.



Which problems get your blood pumping? Match your skills, experience and interests to find the perfect match.

Your application
Keep it short, be specific and highlight the information most relevant for the job description. What was the outcome of projects you’ve worked on or managed? How was success measured? If you’ve held a leadership position we’re eager to know the scope of your work and the size of your team.

Reviewing applications
Your application is read by humans, both our recruiters and the managers for the team you apply for. When we find a potential match our recruiters will schedule a first interview with you to learn more about your skills and experience.

We read thousands of applications every month and even though we always will let you know as soon as possible whether we will proceed with your application, we have no possibility to provide any personal feedback on your application.



We conduct both face-to-face interviews and phone interviews – so if you are not living in Sweden, don’t worry! During your interview, you will meet a recruiter as well as the hiring manager and possibly a technical expert. Expect to go through at least a couple of interviews before the recruitment process is wrapped up. You may also be asked to take a personality test and solve certain work-related cases as part of the process.

Tips and tricks:
Please come prepared for the interview. It would not be a bad idea to read up a bit on CEVT beforehand. Bring your questions about the position and about us to the interview. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about us and make sure this is a place for you. We want you to be yourself during the interview, but it may help you express your ideas and experiences if you practice some interview answers to common questions beforehand. If you can’t think of any standard questions, use your imagination (and your internet search skills)!



Before making any final hiring decisions, we always carry out reference checks and other background information if and when needed. The hiring manager makes the final decision together with HR and the top executive of the hiring department.

If we want to hire you, we will send a formal job offer for you to sign and return as an acceptance of the position.


Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes, you can apply for more than one job at once, though we recommend you narrow your choices to the jobs which truly match your skills, experience and interests.

Which documents should I attach to my application?

Always attach your resume/CV and a personal/cover letter to your application. If any additional documents such as a portfolio or certificates are required, our recruiters will let you know later during the hiring process.

In which language should I write the application?

We prefer if you write your application in English (unless something else is stated in the specific ad) as, that is our common corporate language.

Do I need to speak Swedish to apply for a job at CEVT?

For most of our positions Swedish is not required. Fluent English is a crucial for all positions at CEVT, in order for you to be able to communicate with all our colleagues, suppliers and customers. Swedish, Mandarin and any other language skills are also great assets, so please state your skills in this area in your application.

How much money will I earn as a CEVT employee?

The salary of all CEVT employees are in line with applicable Swedish Collective Agreements and market competitive.

Are you only looking for engineers?

Absolutely not. We are an innovation center developing cars – so naturally many of us here at CEVT has a technical background. But we also need people with other backgrounds – from finance, purchasing and HR to product strategy, business development and quality in order to continue being successful.

A sustainable city open to the world

In the city of Gothenburg with its extensive automotive tradition, by the side of the picturesque river Göta Älv and the historic harbour, lies Lindholmen Science Park – an international collaborative area gathering business, public sector and academia as well as restaurants and cultural entertainment venues.

This is where you find CEVT.

The automotive history of Gothenburg together with the emerging hub for future mobility and car development makes this the ideal spot for a creativity and innovation. Gothenburg is also a vibrant city with plenty of opportunity for nightlife, visiting the beautiful archipelago, and experiencing the best of the unspoilt Swedish nature with the freedom to roam.

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Shaped by diversity and shared values

We’re people who want to do great things and enjoy doing it – that’s the CEVT team spirit. We are curious individuals who continuously take on challenging adventures and find new ways to steer our journey forward. We dare to turn bold ideas into groundbreaking solutions, finding inspiration in the challenges ahead.

People & culture

Always looking for outstanding people

Do you want to be part of something entirely new? If you want to work in a global organisation that encourages initiative, CEVT could be the right place for you. We are always on the lookout for talents. Check out all current opportunities open for your application.

Open positions