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Meet some of our co-drivers

Customer Satisfaction & Quality

Digital Experience & Future Technologies

Enabling Technologies Vehicle Controls

SW Node Owner Electric Drive
SW Safety Engineer
Test Leader
Head of AD
Test Leader
SW Node Owner Steering
Head of ADAS/AD
Head of Motion system design & verification
Head of Electric & SW validation
Head of EE Platform Architecture
Senior Specialist Software Quality Assurance
SW Developer
Software Verification Engineer
Subsystem Owner - Connectivity/Infotainment
Senior ECU Software Component Owner DHU
Software Verification Engineer
Project Leader Enabling Platform
Head of High Voltage & Cilmate
Head of Attributes and power distribution
Head of Enabling Platform Technologies
Senior Automation Specialist
Technology Lead EE Architecture
Cybersecurity Engineer
Test Object Management Specialist
Attribute Leader Performance & Driveabil
Senior Subsystem Developer Power Supply
Senior Technical function developer
Cybersecurity Engineer
Software Project Leader
Head of Complete Electrical System Verification
Senior Advanced Fault Tracer
SW Developer
Function Owner Brakes
System Engineer Base Technology
Test Leader
Head of Vehicle Dynamic
Head of Application Function SW Development
Head of ADAS
Head of Motion control
Head of ECU development Comfort & Safety
VP HV Battery & Electronics
Head of Body Comp & System
Head of Secure Platform
SW Developer
Head of Energy mgmt & controls
Automation Specialist
Head of SW Integration & Release
Senior Subsystem Developer Climate
Senior ECU SW Owner High Voltage
Senior Function Domain Owner ADAS

Enabling Platform Project Office

Vehicle Development

Engineer CFD
System Engineer
Concept Design Engineer
Engineer CAE Energy
Head of Closure mechatronics, Cleaning & Functions
Test Object Management Senior Specialist
Senior System Engineer
Rig build & Test Engineer
Head of Thermal & Battery
Senior Project Coordinator
Senior System Engineer
System Lead Seat Structure & Cross Car Beam
Senior specialist TCF feasibility Sequence & Pallets
Senior System Engineer
Head of Test object and Verification
Technical Expert CAE Safety
Senior System Engineer
Principal Expert Vehicle Concept
System Engineer - Mechatronics
Head of Vehicle Development
Head of Cell, Module, Pack
Head of Concept dev & TCF Manuf Feasibility
Senior Project Leader
Head of Project Enabling
Senior Engineer CFD
Team Leader PhD Students & Advanced Engineering
Head of HMI HW & Features
System Lead Instrument Panel & Air Distribution Interior
Head of Energy
Head of BIW & GEO
Head of Thermal system & functions
Head of Test Objects and facilitation
Team Lead Fluid Dynamics
Principal Expert Safety
Head of Safety
Head of Interior Trim & Cockpit
Head of Body & Exterior
System Lead Exterior Lighting
Concept Engineer
Head of PMO
Head of Exterior System

Other employees

Test Leader Infotainment
Software Safety Engineer
Senior Engineer CCM
Lead of Thermal & Climate Controls
System Engineer ADAS
Subsystem Owner - LVEEM
Sub system Owner
Electric Drive Product Owner
Development Engineer Vehicle Dynamic
Team Leader SW System Design & Application
ADAS System Engineer
Senior Specialist Attribute Durability
Head of EDU mechanical
Product Owner
Thermal System Engineer
Transmission Testing Expert
Scrum Master
Senior System Engineer Software Management
Release Train Engineer
Senior CAE Engineer
Senior Concept Engineer
Scrum Master Basic Software
Senior Engineer
Head of Closure Systems
Software Engineer
Senior System Engineer Software Management
System Leader
Team Lead Energy Efficiency, Expert CAE
Lead of Climate Air system
Principal Expert Solidity
Senior CAE Engineer
Senior CAE Engineer
Project Leader
Senior Engineer
Project Leader
Software Function Developer
Chassis Architect
Senior ECU Software Engineer
Technical Leader Body & Safety Sub-Systems
SW Verification Leader
Head of NV, Durability & Solidity
Senior Project Leader Enabling Platform
Software Product Owner
Concept Engineer
System Leader
Senior Engineer
System Engineer HV Battery thermal
Project Planner Expert
Chief Product Owner
Senior Specialist Order Office
Functional Safety Expert
System Engineer BMS & HV System
Senior CAE Engineer
System Leader Bumper & Claddings
System Engineer Software Management
Lead of Coolant System
Senior Project Coordinator
Lead of System Energy Simulations
Senior Concept & Design Engineer
System Engineer Base Technology
Expert Climate System
System Engineer Task Leader
CAE Engineer
System Leader
SW Function Owner
Release & BOM Engineer
Attribute Leader Brake
Head of End user Validation
Sub-System Owner
Cybersecurity Specialist
System Engineer- Exterior Trim
System Lead Hard trims
Senior Technical Specialist
Lead ME BIW systems
Simulation engineer - Cabin thermal comf
Process Development Leader
SW Function Owner
Senior Engineer
SW Solution Architect
Aerodynamics CFD CAE Engineer
Senior CAE Engineer
Model Based Software Developer
Senior Specialist Systems
SW Control Engineer
System Engineer
Product Owner Electric Machine
AI/ML Engineer Cloud
Engineer - Car and trim Final Manufacturing Feasibility
Lead Engineer
Senior ECU Software Engineer
ME BIW System Engineer
Engineering Support Specialist
Acting Head of HV Electronics/Charging/Testing
Electronic Hardware System Leader
Application Software Developer
Test Object Build Leader
Function Owner
Subsystem Owner - Connectivity & Infotainment
Project Leader
Principal Expert Transmission Controls
Attribute Leader
Technology Leader
Senior Engineer
Senior Project Management Specialist
System Leader
Senior Engineer
Team Lead Attribute Durability, Solidity, and Corrosion
Expert Attribute Safety
Product Owner Verification
Senior Technical Specialis
Team Lead Attribute NVH
Function Owner Telephony
PhD Thermal Control
Function Owner
Team Leader Body Verification
Development Engineer
Software System Engineer
Senior Engineer
System Engineer
System Engineer ADAS-AD
Test Object Built Engineer
Technical Expert
Design engineer mechatronics
Subsystem Owner - Connectivity Infotainment
PLM Solution Architect
Function Owner
CFD Engineer
Senior ECU Component owner
CAE Engineer
Software System Engineer
Product Owner BMS & HV system
Senior Concept Engineer
Specialist Electric Drive
Diagnostic System Engineer
Senior Lead Strategic Product Planning
Principal Expert
Senior Project Leader
System Engineer
Principal Expert Embedded Systems
Team Lead Concept Development
Head of Propulsion
Software Function Developer
Software Function Developer
Senior Design Engineer
Senior Engineer
Electrical Architecture Expert
Senior Software Architect
Expert HV Battery
Sharepoint O365 Developer
Concept Engineer
Senior Engineer Electric Drive
Head of Chassis
Lead of Coolant system
Head of Operational Development & Process Management
Senior System Engineer
System Engineer
Concept Engineer
Charging System Specialist
Product Owner Basic Software
Senior System Developer
Application Maintenance Specialist
CAE Engineer
Lear System Team Leader
Senior Specialist - Industrial PhD
Senior Release & BOM Engineer
Specialist - Industrial Phd
Electrical Architecture Implementation Leader
Industrial PhD student in Energy Efficient Vehicle Propulsion
HIL Engineer

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